Robyn, Cambridge, NY alumna


In honor of the cold weather, I’m remembering back to the summer, when I was in Cambridge, NY.  Walking around one morning, I ran into Robyn and her son near the Round House Bakery Café).  Robyn lives in Los Angeles now, but she and her son spend some time each summer with her parents, who still live in the village.  We had a nice early-morning chat about her old home town and how she enjoys giving her son the Cambridge summer experience, so different from their life the rest of the year in LA.

How would you describe Cambridge?
I would just say Cambridge is really small and everybody knows each other.  We all go to the same school.  My parents went to the same school.  My niece is now going to the same school.  It’s just really small.  It’s like a small, little family.

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