Trunk or Treat

Trunk or TreatThe Cambridge (Maine) General Store and Restaurant, a community-builder for the town, will be hosting a “Trunk or Treat” event this Sunday afternoon.  A little research tells me that, though Trunk or Treat is a new concept for me, it’s a tried and true Halloween option for others.  Folks bring cars together and the kids do their trick-or-treating car-by-car, rather than house-by-house.  Basically tailgating — but with costumes and candy.  I can imagine that it’s a highly efficient candy gathering operation.  In true American fashion, it’s even a marketing opportunity for a particular subset of the Halloween market.

The event will be co-sponsored by the store and the Town of Cambridge, which (I hear) has hosted Trunk or Treating in the past.  Meanwhile, on Halloween in Cambridge, MA, I’ll be lighting up a carved pumpkin and hoping kids stop by during their old-style trick-or-treating.

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