Deep roots in Cambridge, Maine

Mark BunkerDuring my visit to Cambridge, Maine, I wandered over to take a photo of Cambridge Pond.  There I picked up a conversation with Mark Bunker, a descendant of one of the first Cambridge families.  He said he has “deep deep roots” in the town.

Mark is a union construction worker and has worked on projects all over the northeast, including Cambridge, MA where he said he found “some beautiful homes, but nowhere I’d want to be.  Cambridge, Maine is much nicer.”  While we were talking, I was preventing him from completing his current project, a new garage.  We were on the site of an old garage he owned that was destroyed by fire, leading to a show of support from the community to help him rebuild.

Mark Bunker house1Mark lives in a special home of his own.  Just across the street from the post office and General Store, the house used to be the Island House Motel.  It’s hard now to see the setting as an island, but he said that brooks used to flow on either side of it.

Though I didn’t talk with all that many people in Cambridge, each conversation included far more sharing of information than I could possibly capture here.  I’m glad that Mark was willing to interrupt his work to chat.

How would you describe Cambridge?
Cambridge is a nice quiet town where everybody knows everybody.

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